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Will the bankruptcy stop bill collectors from calling?

Yes. Once your case is filed the bankruptcy stay goes into place automatically.    The “stay” essentially “STOPS” all collection efforts by your creditors.    Calls from bill collectors and creditors will eventually stop, however, it will take a little time for the creditors to receive actual notice of the case filing.    Once you file, your creditors must work through the bankruptcy court process in order to pursue any collections against you. This means that debt collection lawsuits, utility shutoffs, foreclosures and repossessions will be stopped (although, sometimes only temporarily). Read the Law: 11 USC 362(a)

Until your creditors receive written notice from the Court you may need to let them know verbally of the bankruptcy filing.   If you receive a collection call, please inform the creditor of your case filing and your case number, and refer them to your attorney’s office for additional case information.  Once you have put the creditor on notice that you have an attorney they are no longer allowed to contact you directly.