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Will the bankruptcy stop bill collectors from calling?

Yes. Once your case is filed the bankruptcy stay goes into place automatically.    The “stay” essentially “STOPS” all collection efforts by your creditors.    Calls from bill collectors and creditors will eventually stop, however, it will take a little time for the creditors to receive actual notice of the case filing.    Once you file, your creditors […]

Your debts fall into 3 bankruptcy law categories.

The first category is called PRIORITY debt. The most common priority debts are income taxes incurred within 3 years of filing bankruptcy, employment taxes if you owned your own business, and past due child support and alimony. If you file a Chapter 13 debt consolidation, debts that fall into the PRIORITY class have be to […]

Are you struggling with your bills? Do you want to get things under control, and still keep the things that you worked so hard to get?

How do you get started when feel so overwhelmed? We can help! With over 57 years of combined experience, the attorneys at Gastin & Hill are prepared to attack your problems and get your finances back on track. We offer a free consultation to evaluate your debt structure and help organize a plan payment that […]